Quality Perspective is the monthly color magazine that alternates between hospitals one month and doctor's offices the next. It is a 11" x 25" trifold. I created the wave element to be a guide for layout each month and to lend itself to the name "perspective". The cover photo each month was designed to get the recipient to read rather than trash one more piece of mail. We tried to relate the cover photo to a primary story or the time of year.

October 2000 QP

December 2000 QP

February 2001 QP 

February 2000 QP
 For the HCQIP brochure I created a map of Alabama that would become an icon for the corporate image of Alabama Quality Assurance Foundation. The six photos represent the six projects in that scope of work. The photos could be changed while keeping the identification with AQAF.

A three foot version of this map was created for the 7x7 foot display. Uniformity in the display pieces and the ability to "mix and match" as it were combined with the connection to the project brochure made for successful trade shows. The map with different photos was used on the annual report cover and in the PEPP Program. The goal being to give AQAF an icon that when seen would provide instant identification.

 Trade Show Display Photos
The 1999 Annual Report incorporated the map with different photos to provide uniformity in corporate image and recognition.

 1999 Annual Report
Creativity is important even when designing a name badge and the broad usability of a logo must be considered at its inception.

 Badge / PEPP Logo
In addition to the PEPP logo, the PEPP Talk newsletter was also created to provide information on a quarterly basis.

 PEPP Talk
To tie the PEPP program to AQAF and HCQIP the map with relevant photos was used on covers/spines, brochures, displays, and presentations.

 A PEPP Cover & Spine
The Understanding Medicare newsletter was sent quarterly to medicare beneficiaries to inform them of changes in their benefits, health tips and concerns for the time of year, news, and a schedule of outreach events across the state.

 Understanding Medicare

April 2000
The Fall Prevention trifold is an example of an in-house brochure aimed at educating the health care community about a new program.

 Fall Prevention

Program Brochure
The mammography bookmark and the mammography trifold were designed to educate female beneficiaries and women in general of the need for regular breast examinations. The bookmark was also designed as a yearly reminder to schedule a breast exam.

 Mammography Bookmark




  Kenny Glover Personal




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