Courthouse Package: $350 / 1.5 hours of time max

1 Wedding album with up to 100 4x6 photos and Photo DVD with complete set of original digital images and release.

Add Wedding Day DVD for $30

Travel fees apply to any wedding an hour or more from Inverness, AL

This package not normally available on Saturdays. Check for availability.

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$1199 Package: One complete set of photos, up to 400 4x6, in two (200 - 4x6) albums, Photo DVD with Release, and Two Wedding Day Slide Show DVDs


 Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


1. Do you double book on the day of the wedding? No, I only schedule one wedding on any given day so that it receives my full attention.

2. What is your education and how long have you been a photographer? In 1991 I received a BA in photojournalism from the University of Alabama. Since 1991 I have worked for Rust International, Baptist Medical Centers, and Alabama Quality Assurance Foundation as a staff photographer in addition to doing freelance work. Currently I work for myself doing photography full-time. My background is broad and varied giving me unparalleled experience to draw on any given situation. Examples can be seen under the discipline links on this page.

3. How long have you been photographing weddings? I have been photographing weddings for 15 years.

4. How do I set up an appointment and how do we book a wedding? You can call or email to set an appointment normally M-F during the day. Can you schedule an appointment on the weekend? Yes, provided I am not working or obligated otherwise. To book a wedding I required a signed contract and $100 (check or cash) deposit.

5. How long does it take to get the photos back? Normal turn around time is 6-8 weeks.

6. Do you visit the church before the wedding day? Normally if I have never been where the wedding will take place I always go to take some test shots and discuss photo options with the bride.

7. My wedding is outside Birmingham - is there a travel fee? Yes, any wedding an hour or more from Inverness, Alabama will require a $100 travel fee to cover time and gas.

8. Do I need to make out a list of photos for the wedding day? Only if there are specific photos that would fall out of the normal photos one would take on a wedding day. Input and creative suggestions for photos are always welcome.

9. Is it easier to take all photos before the wedding? A lot of couples still do not want to see each other before the wedding. So, we can shoot before and after the ceremony. I cannot express how much easier the wedding will flow if all photos are shot before the wedding allowing everyone to go straight to the reception. Expect a 45 min to hour and a half delay if photos are completed after the ceremony.

10. Do we have the rights to print anything we want off of the photo cds that contain the original digital images? Yes, you may do whatever you like with the original digital images. This gives you complete freedom to take that great photo and use it however you see fit.

11. How do we match up the photos with the file name? The photos in the albums are numbered according to the file name for each photo.

12. Can we get additional copies of the dvd? Yes, additional copies can be obtained by filling out order slips you will receive and returning them in the mail to me. I will mail the dvd directly to person that places the order.



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