The Erwin crew 20 years ago.





An older Skip Dog and his lovely

wife enjoy a beer in San Antonio.






The Dawger tries to get some

sleep after losing his...well,

all his cash at the casino.





 Skip is stylin at the golf

course in Mobile.






 Skip does a four mile hike to

get ready for the ECO-Challenge

at an Austin recreation area.



  The Dawger sports his sideburns

one more time before taking

the razor to them.



 Busted! in New Orleans before

Bama wins number 12.





No amount of money could

find a ticket for the

Bama / Miami

National Championship Game.






 Skip tries to catch some zzzs

before the big game.





The guys play a little golf at the

Roebuck Country Club.







 Gee they clean up well!








 Come Again!



 Dawger at Play!

 DoDah Day 2005

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